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Featured Testimonials

Picture of Hollie Nadel

Hollie Nadel,
President & Founder,
Fabric Framework, Inc.

"I felt a bit lost. I wasn't advocating for myself. I was doing too much people pleasing and not setting healthy boundaries.

I felt like I needed to change myself to be the person I thought my clients wanted, but that didn't feel authentic. When I started being true to who I am, everything seemed to fall into alignment and click into place. I finally got unstuck and all these ideas are just flowing."

Picture of Nathaniel Avery

Nathaniel Avery,
Technology Leader
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"I was at a career crossroads. I like the field that I was in, but I wasn't so sure I liked the role that I was in. There were some work-life balance issues and a lot of excess stress. It felt overwhelming and like should I just suck it up and keep going.

Then an opportunity came up and I really didn't know what to do. There was pressure to make the proper choice because it was a fairly major shift in my role and it was a role that I'd never served in before."

Picture of Monica Atzert

Monica Atzert,
Aerospace Engineer

"Before I started working with Victoria, there were parts of my life that seemed stagnant and stuck.

I had a lot of frustration and didn't know how to work around it or an understanding of where it was coming from.

Honestly, one day I got so frustrated that I thought, 'Why not? Let me give this a try.'"

Picture of Shelly Kozacek

Shelly Kozacek, 
Director, Security Services

"I was in a transitional phase. I didn't enjoy where I was working and I didn't know what my next steps would be. I was looking for clarity. I felt kind of foggy because I didn't know which way to go, or what to do, or where I would even necessarily start.

It was a struggle because being pulled in different directions and not having clarity made it very difficult to see a path forward."

Picture of Mary Carmen Memenza

Mary Carmen Memenza,
Montgomery Co. Public Schools

"I lacked confidence in my skills and I didn't see myself as a leader. I felt very much the impostor syndrome. I felt like I didn't really know what I was doing so how could I possibly move up. I saw my problems or deficits. It was deflating and I felt very unsure and insecure

I was very stressed about work. I felt not good about my work and then I would come home and not feel good. I dealt with the guilt of not doing enough."

Picture of Antionette JoJo Francois

Antoinette “JoJo” Francois,
Flight Attendant

"I was stuck deciding what direction I wanted to move in my career after taking an early retirement. I had some dreams I still had not full-filled and just didn’t know which direction to go.

I feared what others would say or think about my decisions.

I had fear of stepping out and fear failure. I was putting others’ needs before my own."

Picture of Helen

Product Lead

"Victoria is a great advocate, and suggests ways that I can self-advocate, challenging my assumptions about what’s too much to ask for. She does so in a really encouraging way that helps me build my self-confidence.

I recommend Victoria because she has great energy and positivity. She’s invested in your goals and progress. I genuinely look forward to our conversations."

Victoria Scott Coaching logo

Federal Government

"I was promoted to a new position. My stress was becoming  unmanageableVictoria helped me discover that I have a touch of perfectionism. She gave me coping strategies.

Working through the results of my ELI was my favorite part of working with Victoria. I recommend Victoria because she can help you identify your goals and strategies to achieve them."

Picture of Jeanne Masseth

Jeanne Masseth,
CEO & Executive Coach, 
Legacy Talent Development

"Victoria supported me with decisions about my own business and the challenges of a CEO role.

I highly recommend Victoria to any manager, leader, or executive who is looking for a supportive coach who really listens you, has the experience to truly understand your challenge, and helps you connect to the right solution for you and take the actions to get there."

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