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Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment™

Are you ready to be a better leader? Are you ready for more confidence? Are you ready to level up?


Level up your emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and confidence with an ELI Assessment,
named by Forbes as an Assessment every Executive should take!

Increase Your Leadership Potential


Level up your emotional intelligence and self-awareness


Find new opportunities to maximize your strengths


Understand your usual reactions and the thinking behind those reactions


Uncover your stress triggers and reactive behaviors


Gain insight into how stress and your thinking are limiting your potential


Gain power to take control of your reactions and neutralize your weaknesses


Increase your confidence while reducing your stress


A client called the ELI their favorite part of working with me because it is so powerful!

Maximize your Strengths
& Neutralize your Weaknesses

Our reactions to stress can be damaging, even career limiting.

The ELI Assessment helps us uncover the strengths you have when things are going well and the weaknesses that emerge when you're under stress.

These strengths and weaknesses are extensions of each other. You can neutralize your weaknesses while turning your strengths into superpowers at the same time.

Image illustrating strengths (helping, fixing, serving others, concern for others) and their related weaknesses (people pleasing, perfecting, neglecting self, lack of balance)
Image illustrating how stress can shift us from our usual mindset (fixer, leader, innovator) and limit our potential (fighter, self-doubter)

Uncover your Mindset &
Take Control of your Reactions

The ELI Assessment helps us uncover the way that stress impacts you – how it shifts your usual mindset in ways that limit your potential.

Your new self-awareness will help you take control your reactions to stress and level up your leadership in all aspects of your life, instead of letting stress overtake you. 

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